B.A. International Tourism Management

Deggendorf Institute of Technology


B.A. International Tourism Management

Deggendorf Institute of Technology

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The Bachelor of International Tourism Management program at D.I.T. focuses on the studies of Health and Medical Tourism. This degree will teach students a broad and methodological expertise through practical teaching on the basis of economic fundamentals. The specifics of business and tourism, key skills, implementation competence and the ability to innovation will be developed. Students will acquire social and international skills, enabling them to competently and safely manage the complex and cross-cultural environment of tourism and in particular health and medical tourism. In light of the increasing globalization of the tourism industry, we place great importance on the development of our students' language skills.

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Location: The European Campus Rottal-Inn, Pfarrkirchen, Bavaria, Germany - click here for more information

Admission requirements

  • General university entrance qualification
  • Course has restricted entries

Background knowledge

Prior knowledge in the basics of economics would be advantageous

Career Prospects

This innovative study programme teaches students knowledge and skills on the basis of career-oriented competence fields in the form of modules. The modules are:

  • Academic Research and Methodology
  • Tourism Management
  • Taxation and Law
  • Business Administration
  • Medical Tourism
  • International Competence
  • Language Competence
  • Practical Competence

The programme is adapted to the modern requirements of the health and tourism sector in the international professional world, as course choices can be combined freely, making it flexible and adaptable to the ambitions of each individual student.

The bachelor programme provides its graduates with a solid academic foundation and enables them to perform scientifically founded, ethically insightful work using a systemic approach. The practical portion of the programme, which includes internships in selected national and international institutions and organizations in close coordination with the Deggendorf Institute of Technology, helps to meet this objective.

In order to reach the learning objectives outlined, a practice-oriented, applied approach is of particular importance. The application and transfer of scientific knowledge to concrete current issues in health and medical tourism is ensured through the programme’s focus on diverse areas of application. Through participation in inter-professional projects, teamwork skills and interdisciplinary competencies will be developed. The flexible course structure allows students to develop technical, career field-oriented skills early on in their studies.

The programme offers a highly diversified and qualified training, which enables its graduates to work in a broad range of areas in the tourism and health industries. They will be capable of carrying out sophisticated work in day-to-day business, competently implementing projects and bringing expert knowledge.

  • Hotels
  • Wellness facility management
  • Clinics
  • Organisations
  • Assistance
  • International health agents
  • Travel agencies
  • Airlines
  • Research

Course content

This degree course is seven semesters in duration, with six being theoretical and one internship. This internship is undertaken in the fifth semester and the seventh semester is then reserved for the final exams.

The course is structured around areas of competence called modules, and therefore enables the student to design their studies, focusing on their individual strengths, interests and ambitions. This innovative course concept encompasses and implements the idea of the Bologna reform in a very comprehensive manner:

  • Study in a matrix structure
  • Free choice of lectures offered
  • Individual curriculum design
  • ECTS point creditation

Students compose their own curriculum, however it is specified that a certain number of ECTS must be achieved in each module group, and to gain international academic progress, coursework and lectures in various languages can and should be taken. Achievements for each subject within a module group are graded, the individual scores are included in the overall grade of the module group and this then contributes to the final grade of the entire course.

The foundation exam must be successfully completed with at least 40 credits by the end of the third semester.

The practical study units are an integral part of the total course and are not completed in a block, rather continuously completed according to the chosen career plan and documented in internship diaries.

Successful graduates receive a Bachelor's degree certificate and degree supplement documents which show all subjects and modules taken, so future employers can easily see the exact course strucure and focus area.

How To Apply

Applications to Deggendorf Institute of Technology are open from:

  • International Students - from 15 April to 15 June
  • German Nationals - from 15 April to 15 July

To apply online, please visit: Apply Online - Deggendorf Institute of Technology

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ประเทศเยอรมัน - Pfarrkirchen, Bavaria
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No tuition fees, only €52 student services fee per semester.