In an ever-changing corporate landscape, strong leadership and efficient decision-making are needed to excel. Our Business Management degrees will provide you with a career-oriented education in management. Our curriculum covers key business concepts that will serve as a foundation for your career. By the time you graduate, you will be prepared to enter into a range of financial jobs in general management, e-commerce, human resources, marketing, project management, public administration, or international business. Your education from Globe will provide you with the understanding, skills, and analytical tools needed to become a successful business professional.

The Bachelor of Technology Degree in Information Technology prepares students to pursue careers as Network Engineers, Network Specialists, Database Administrators, Database Engineers, Data Analysts, Business Analysts, and other IT professionals. The program concentrates on technologies such as LAN (Local Area Networks, WAN (Wide Area Networks), DNS, Active Directory, VPN (Virtual Private Network), TCP/IP, Account Management, SQL (Structured Query Language), Database Developing, Database Administration, Reporting, VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) in Excel, and Access, and a host of related topics.


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ก.ย. 2019
Start Date
ก.ย. 2019

ก.ย. 2019

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