Bachelor of Economics The study of economics is central to understanding business, markets, trade, government policies and international issues, globalization, health, development, and the environment. The undergraduate program in economics equips students with tools needed to understand a wide variety of economic phenomena and institutional arrangements. In part, this understanding comes from learning facts about economic institutions and economic history. But facts do not interpret themselves. Economic facts must be viewed through the lens of economic theory. Similarly, economic data must be subjected to careful statistical analysis. The undergraduate program in economics emphasizes applications of economic theory and statistical analysis to a wide variety of real-world events and arrangements in both the private sector and public sector. This program is for students intending to become analysts and consultants in the public and private sectors and leads to careers in business, finance, international development, health, human resource management, marketing, management, and research.

Program taught in:
หลักสูตรนี้ Campus based
Start Date
ก.ย. 2019