Surrounded by a wealth of foliage and set on the fresh waters of Keuka Lake, Keuka College makes an ideal setting for environmental science majors to observe and interact with the environment around them.

What Will I Do as an Environmental Science Student?

The program provides you with the option to focus on the physical or biological science of the environment by training in the fundamentals of mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, and earth science. There are also numerous opportunities for students to explore, conduct research, or get involved with nearby community groups such as the Keuka Lake Association and Cornell Cooperative Extension, which offer students a chance to interact in their chosen field off campus. On campus, the Center for Aquatic Research gives you the opportunity to conduct an independent study on the quality of the surrounding lake water.

Like all Keuka College students, environmental science majors are required to complete a 140-hour field study. From Costa Rica to nearby Seneca Falls, students have completed Field Periods in locations worldwide that provide the real-life experience that gives them an edge entering the job market or graduate school.

What Kinds of Jobs are Available for Environmental Scientists?

Due to the rising demands placed on the environment by population growth, increasing public interest in environmental concerns, and new laws and regulations, demand for environmental scientists and specialists is projected to increase 19 percent by the year 2020, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Opportunities in the public and private sectors are growing especially for environmental health specialists, environmental protection specialists, and consultants working with businesses to minimize environmental waste, prevent pollution, and conserve resources.


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