The program in political science and history explores the heritage of Western civilization as it relates to modern government, the interactions between Western and non-Western values, and politics in a rapidly changing and interdependent global environment. A degree in political science and history will prepare you for graduate study or law school, as well as employment in areas of social science specialization – such as political and historical research, public relations, interest-group and political party activity – or other related employment opportunities.

You are also given analytical tools and extensive knowledge in four sub-fields of the major: Europe and the world, American society and government, foreign affairs and international relations, and public policy and administration

For years, Keuka College students, parents, and friends of the College have enjoyed traveling for Field Period to places such as Italy, Israel, France, Germany, the Czech Republic, Costa Rica and elsewhere with faculty from the political science and history program. Having a Ph.D. historian or political scientist lead a group learning process opens doors to the significance of culture, architecture, political events, and history itself.

In addition, they are encouraged to participate in the Washington Semester program; New York State Assembly intern program; local, state, or federal internships; and academic study abroad.

Minor Requirements

Course Title Credits
HIS 250 Political and Historical Analysis 3

Complete 15 additional political science or history credits

Major Requirements

Course Title Credits
ECO 210 Principles of Macroeconomics 3
HIS 115 Europe and the World 3
HIS 120 United States History to 1877 3
HIS 121 US History From 1877-Present 3
HIS 250 Political and Historical Analysis 3
HIS 321 Topics: 20th Cent N American History 1
HIS 360 History of New York State 3
POL 120 American Government 3
POL 140 International Relations 3
POL 250 Political and Historical Analysis 3
POL 350 Political Philosophy
POL 440 Research Seminar in Politics & History 3

Complete nine additional credits in political science or history at the 300-400 level


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