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Criswell College

Criswell College


Criswell is a Christian college in Dallas, Texas, offering degrees at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Since its establishment in 1970, the college has played a unique and important role in Baptist and church life. Thankful for that legacy, we continue to build an institution of higher learning, with a diverse community of Christian, evangelical believers, that is devoted to academic excellence and spiritual vitality. Criswell maintains a credentialed and experienced faculty who are dedicated to ministry and to the church. The college’s relatively small size enables professors not only to instruct but also to mentor, providing students the opportunity to explore theological issues both safely and deeply and obtain the skills necessary to influence society. The college is devoted to student development, seeking to shape a student’s character and knowledge in many ways. At the same time, our students shape our community with their presence as they test their ideas and challenge and learn from their peers and mentors. We, therefore, choose our students carefully, for we are invested in their academic and spiritual development and the contributions they will offer to society.


  • Dallas

    4010 Gaston Avenue , , Dallas